Booking appointments with teens

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I've noticed the growing frequency of how my sister uses Facebook Events to tell my niece andy sons of our next family activities. From a trip months ahead, to their next movie date, to next weekend's gathering at gramma's house, my fb has been flashing more and more reminders of family time.

I barely noticed until my sister booked us a trip with the prompt event invite, then she asked me an hour later, "Do you think I should still make an event page for (something mundane meetup)?" My brain quickly scanned all those days when we rarely were all on the same page and the kids knew the schedules. Yep, they were those with their aunt's FB invites. We were kind of frustrated that our young are not so young anymore, 10th grade and college levels and they're still clueless about skeds!  Like 5 year olds, yes!

But yeah, this fb event page is working for our family at least.

One son asks days before about the next "event" so he can fit in his plans. Even the older brother, notorious zombie / incognito of our family, shows up when these events are punched into FB.

Gotta detest all this technology streaming in and out our brains, ears, even fingers, since it's 24/7.... but used right, they do connect us all, even family (and absent-minded ones too.)
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And you know your sons have grown again when...

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... Your youngest asks for coffee in the morning while working late on school projects  T_T

Of course, I just smile and nod. In my head though, I went whoa whoa whoaaaa!!!... Too soon? For me,  coffee is categorized as an adult beverage, pretty much in the same category as beer. Who am I kidding, cola has just as much or maybe more caffeine, so I pointed that out to him. If he wanted, he can have cola to stay awake. He declined and was just interested in coffee.

So there. Another growing up marker.

* * *

These days, I am feeling like I'm treading on marshmallows as I don't know where, or how to position myself as a mom to a half-child, half- grownup.

I can only hope to be sensible and fair and not clingy at each moment as they do some caffeine-boosted growing.

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Everyday, I keep telling myself how lucky I am with my sons.

Changes are inevitable, and luckily, the changes with my youngest son are always for the better.

I was out last weekend on an overnight camping trip. By the time I got back, the house was clean, clothes were freshly washed, the dried ones folded neatly.

I still take care of our clothes washing so this was, naturally, a big and very pleasant surprise.

"Sorry mom, I wanted to fold your clothes too but I couldn't figure out what each piece is."

Lol. "It's okay, son." I replied quietly, but deep inside, my heart was leaping for joy. I was so proud of his initiative to help.

It's times like this when all the physical pain a mother endures to raise sons alone come flashing back to me. Waking up early in the morning to prepare them for school, wiping away all that snot when sick, or soil around their necks, carrying this son everywhere, the sickening planning of school meals each and everyday and a lot lot more... They all come flashing in my head and I go think, I can't believe it but it's all becoming worth it!

Thanks son, for honoring my life with your presence.

- mom

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Jesus F Chroist! My last blog post was a year ago!

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I still feel the same exact way a year later though.

This time around, the changes weren't too radical. I could write the same exact lines now, wouldn't make a diff.

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How fast time flies...

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Lol.  This blog has had many restarts, re-layouts, etc.  Now it's ressurrected again.

Lots of changes, folks.

First off, my kids are now teens.  Both of them.  Fine young men.  Too weird now, even for me.

Big laugh.  Couldn't believe they were little boys when I started this blog.

Now they are strapping young men.

The online landscape has changed a lot too. As in, a lot.

When I started this blog, my youtube vids coughed and sputtered.  As I now noticed, I missed that era posting here.  My posts don't have much video. Oh you would have had so much fun with my boys' video finds then.  But that was that.

Now everyone's on phones.  Phones!  My gosh.  Now there's Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Line, Viber, the list is endless.  Everyone's on phones now, I kinda find it sickening.  It kind of relieves me when I find excuses to not use the phone.

But the parenting. The parenting never changes.

Now one son lives away from me.  He's eighteen now.  But we collaborate about work and life over FB chat.  Now he's my FB son. lol.  My other son is still with me, but weirder than ever, and he's comfortable in his own skin about it.  He still teaches me a lot of things about life,and love, just by being his weird self.

My niece, my surrogate daughter, will also start college soon.

Sigh.  Life.  Too fast.  I guess right now, coming back to this blog of an "empty house," a lot of memories are now tumbling down on my consciousness.  I realize we can only really live for moments,  There are chunks of moments that seem like a phase, but each one, is just a brief moment.

And life goes on.

And this blog will also go on.

A little bit learned about motherhood, a lot about being uncertain.  As I grow on coping with growing young adults, there is a lot of uncertainty in my head now.

We can only live for each moment.


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Looking for London accommodations?

Posted On // Leave a Comment is my newest bestfriend these days.  My aunt is going to London in March and has kindly requested me to check out London lodgings.  She will be staying in a London hotel after she arrives in England, but still has to get around a bit in the city, Central London and Docklands to talk to some business contacts.  She wants to be early for her appointments and won't mind if she moves to different accommodations in the afternoon, if it means sleeping close to her appointment places in the mornings.

So I looked around the net and found that Robert and Polly Arnold can find London apartments for you, as well as give you tips and tricks in getting around London, finding places to visit, and answering any questions you might have about London. 

Robert and Polly have lived all their lived in London, and aim to give visitors a pleasant stay in London.  So far, so good.  I want my Aunt to have someone to approach just in case she has trouble getting around, so that's a big plus for me.  I also want my aunt to have a family-oriented guide to point her to the sights of London.  I'm sure Robert and Polly Arnold will also help her have a comfortable stay with their recommended apartments. I am impressed that they themselves visit the place of lodging, and that if they themselves won't stay with their children, they won't recommend it to their clients.  Their profile says they have 22 years of helping out London visitors, so that's a plus.  And honestly,  I trust them because they have three kids.  I always have a preference for a family-oriented business. 

I'm giving their number to my aunt and hope they hit things off well. 

If you too want a family nearby to help you out on your next London visit, give them a call at

+44 (0) 20 8201 0016, or email

Check out their the Arnold's profile  and website.

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