Sunday, February 23, 2014

Looking for London accommodations? is my newest bestfriend these days.  My aunt is going to London in March and has kindly requested me to check out London lodgings.  She will be staying in a London hotel after she arrives in England, but still has to get around a bit in the city, Central London and Docklands to talk to some business contacts.  She wants to be early for her appointments and won't mind if she moves to different accommodations in the afternoon, if it means sleeping close to her appointment places in the mornings.

So I looked around the net and found that Robert and Polly Arnold can find London apartments for you, as well as give you tips and tricks in getting around London, finding places to visit, and answering any questions you might have about London. 

Robert and Polly have lived all their lived in London, and aim to give visitors a pleasant stay in London.  So far, so good.  I want my Aunt to have someone to approach just in case she has trouble getting around, so that's a big plus for me.  I also want my aunt to have a family-oriented guide to point her to the sights of London.  I'm sure Robert and Polly Arnold will also help her have a comfortable stay with their recommended apartments. I am impressed that they themselves visit the place of lodging, and that if they themselves won't stay with their children, they won't recommend it to their clients.  Their profile says they have 22 years of helping out London visitors, so that's a plus.  And honestly,  I trust them because they have three kids.  I always have a preference for a family-oriented business. 

I'm giving their number to my aunt and hope they hit things off well. 

If you too want a family nearby to help you out on your next London visit, give them a call at

+44 (0) 20 8201 0016, or email

Check out their the Arnold's profile  and website.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another birthday...

I can't believe my teen is now 15!

I saw my old post about Isiah's birthday in 2008 and wow... time does fly.

Well, Isiah's 15 today and things are still quite smooth sailing.

No honors in school this year, but that's alright.
He is passionate about his music more than ever. I admire that he regularly sets aside time to study and practice music on his own.
He is not as relationship-crazy or girl-crazy the past months, I wonder why.
He is totally into new-age yikies like meditation and chakras.
Seems like he is generally enjoying his school and friends.

I do bare my fangs for him mostly over his chore of washing the dishes, but that's about it. Yeah, boring.

But for this kind of boring, I am totally grateful. Yay.

Happy birthday son. Thank you for honoring my life with your presence. Love always,

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Friday, July 23, 2010

You Know They've Grown Again When....

On a Friday, one son has a 3-day camp in school, and the other one booked himself to go over to the cousins. The past years, when one son sleeps over, at least one son remains. Now they're both gone.

This is even if you scheduled a trip to a family-friendly venue, like the National Museum. And you didn't win the mental arm wrestling for at least one son to accompany you.


Dalaga na talaga si Katya.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Eternal War between Parents and Teens?

What is this hang-up of parents about handling teens?

Why should they always be at war? Why should there be divisiveness?

It's something I don't get, why parents and teens should always take a swing at each other.

I think so far, at the homefront, me and my teen are getting along fine. The war between parents and teens can be skipped, my opinion.

I can't really say it's about starting the relationship right from the very beginning. My teen has suffered the brunt of all my angry years when he was small. If there's any child who has the perfectly reasonable excuse to harbor some long-time anger at a parent, it's him.

But I have paid my dues, and I have assured him of my apologies and I have made up from all my wrong-doings.

So far, now, we are okay. Of course, there are times that I do my usual sermon, but nothing that bad that usually burdens the toxic teen-parent relationship.

How do I do it?

By just letting him be. And by clarifying I don't do it because I want him happy always and don't want him to get cross at me, but I do it because I respect him and his decisions.

Maybe most wars between teens and parents are from those that do not recognize the autonomy of the teen. I dunno. I don't want to find out what it is. I'm good where we are right now.

Sometimes I feel guilty and wonder if I'm spoiling him... but then, he is doing well in school and has a stable group of okay friends and continuously studies his passion, music. Maybe it's just the right thing to do.

Of course, I keep a watchful eye. There are some things he does that I don't agree with but still don't say anything if I estimate it's not major. Sometimes he gets surprised that i disagree with one of his decisions, because I just let it be.

Eh... teens are thinking people. The most you can do is watch out, guide to prevent bad things from thinking, assure that you're there in the background for easy back-up when things go awry, and guide how to get out if there's trouble. Be there before, during and after in the periphery. It's mostly about them building their confidence, strengthening the bones of their wings while you are in the background. They fly a bit, come back, fly a bit, come back. And they tend to fly more when they know you are there to fly back to.

Hope my goodluck keeps up. *cross fingers*

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kindling our Kid's Dreams

I'm a little concerned over my sons' lack of "I wanna be a sumpting when I grow up."

I just realized it when I was bugging Ice (My teen's new nick. Kewl, eh.) what course he was going to take in college. He is now a high school junior and some universities are accepting applications from 3rd year students.

He is now thinking of ... surprise.... social science. Both his parents are social science double majors. Where do you suppose he got this interest? From the teacher, of course, not his parents.

And so, recently, I've also been bugging the second son what he wants to be when grew up. I have always thought there was only 1 career that I would REALLY mind if any of them wanted it (i won't say what it is)... but anything else is alright.

To my semi-horror in his pre-school years, Leon wanted a noble yet life-risking career. He wanted to be a fireman. I hosed down his dream by telling him about the reality of the fireman's career in this country. Bad mommy award. (Whut?  I want him alive, you know.) Now he is more somber and has chosen to not choose at all.

Recently though we had a adopted a cute little bugger cat that likes to chew everyone out literally, except him.

So earlier today Leon announced he wanted to be a.. janan! veterinarian.

Kewl. Bites, etc. fine. Fires no.

Now how to sustain that interest....

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Mang Napo

Yesterday was just so full of love, with people remembering their dads.

Cousins, aunts, uncles and nieces remembered my dad. I felt, even though he has been gone for some years now, he has touched their lives with his happy ways. I was particularly touched when I realized a niece of mine, who was a little kid when Mang Napo was around, was also very fond of him.

Funny how he taught me a lesson yesterday even if he's been gone for so long. Some people chase a lifetime of accomplishments to be remembered by. When really, you don't need to be anything other than be happy. And people will remember you anyways.

I really feel grateful I had him as my dad.

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