Having Difficulty Putting Boys to Sleep?

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In my short stint as parent, I have found a foolproof way to put boys promptly to sleep. Yes, without sugary pleas, threats and shouts.


It's exams time once again and the boys are back by noon. In contrast to my regular day of heavenly, peaceful silence from morning to 3PM, the house is in a whirlwind of noise today. Electronic strums of a rock "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" scares away my silence. (In fairness, this version of the nursery rhyme sounds nice.) A rhythmic banging of toys on the floor plonks over my head.

I alternately remind and shout for them to "Study for the exams, you guys." The din continues. My reminder/ shouting continues. I'm on Instant Messenger with my sister and I invoke her name. "Tita (Aunt) says you should studyyyyy..." The boys scramble to look at the monitor if their aunt really ordered them to study. 7-year old good-naturedly sticks out his tongue at the message and runs off.

Always, my style is to set a time period for them to finish what they're doing. Then I roll my sleeves and remind firmly and seriously that it's time to study. My poker face is always the cue for them to stop. They get their books and crawl back to their room.

Ah... peace once again.


So what's the connection between this anecdote and putting boys to sleep?

Put your boys to sleep hassle-free by... making them study.

Yeah, when I checked in on them to see how they're preparing for the exams, there they are.. my angels... so angel-like snoozing, faces under their books.

Tsk-tsk... This is why I make them review for the long exams three weeks before.

I wonder how I'll make them sleep tonight... Oh yeah, I'll make them review for the exams after they're ready for bed.

Originally posted January 2008