Boys and Grooming

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I’ve always believed that it is the divine right of the male species to look and smell as great as the girls. I can only imagine how sucky it would be when guys are deprived or the pleasures we women/ girls get from preening and polishing ourselves. I enjoy it when I see guys take pleasure in caring for their physical selves. I personally believe whatever guy-softening that can be done would help a lot in other aspects of their lives. Males suffer too much backlash from the pressure of compulsory toughness.

I don’t want my sons to come out a severe cut from the macho-wacho-mold. Those types of guys are crazy (and may stink, to boot).

I would prefer the boys to grow up well-groomed and polished. People always tell them they are handsome boys. What a waste it would be if they grew up stinky and uncaring about their personal appearance.

For this school year, I’ve been preparing a “basic kikay kit” for them to use. Just the basics for young boys, of course. It contains a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a small towel. I also included a nail cutter just in case they forget to cut their nails at home. Turned out the school also required them to have one, but I would like them to see these as their own personal items to use frequently, not just something the school requires.

12 year old's health subject requires them to have their own kits. The night before the health subject, 12 year old asked, “Ma, where’s the olive green G-kit that I washed last week-end?’”

Wha-?... Eh… What dikit?


Jikit?I don’t get what you’re talking about, anak.

“G-kit.” 12 year old pointed out patiently. “G-kit. Grooming kit.” I can feel the eyes on his mind rolling, although he looked normally straight at me.

Ah… G as in G, grooming kit. Dang these kids. Just when you feel you’re catching up with their conversational vocabulary, they’ve coined up new words already.

Well, I wanted them to feel it’s for them to use. How else do you identify something as not yours when you’ve named it yourself?

- - -

Yesterday, as I brisk walked through the department store in Trinoma, my eyes caught two young adult very-male guys, one testing out (he-he) eye concealer in a cosmetic counter.

I lurv eet!

I hope this males-using-cosmetics cult endures through the ages.

Originally posted 29 June 2008