Corruption in Minors

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I like the series of commercials in Philippine TV that is currently running these days regarding corruption.

Scenario: A boy breaks mom’s vase. His dog happily wags his tail as this happens.

Along comes the big brother, who says that “If you clean my room for an entire week, I’ll tell mom that the dog did it.”

Then some text flashes. I don’t exactly remember what it is, but it is about corruption may possibly start while young.

I’ve seen the other commercials in the series, and these are all simple and direct to the point. I like all, but the one about the two brothers, obviously struck a chord with me the most.

Year in and out, the Philippines always ranks high in the list of most corrupt countries.

Seeing the commercial, I realized that, maybe we’re always the most corrupt because we don’t know what corruption really means, and what acts constitute as such.

The people behind this commercial smartly know this. They are also smartly changing the moral standards of a country regarding corruption. Filipinos are basically kind, conscientious honest people. As long as we know what’s supposed to be right and wrong, we’re basically good.

Congratulations to the people behind this ad.


Speaking of corruption starting while young.

Whenever “loaded”, one of my boys likes to pay the other brother to do the dishes.

It started innocently enough, so at first I ignored it. At first I saw it through the frame of “getting paid for labor”.

However, as the practice became increasingly frequent, and as the paid brother started charging for all chores he was supposed to do, I decided to speak up.

The next time I heard about exchanges of payment and chores came a long long yada yada sermon…

“Hep-heppepep... (Like a trueblue mother) Shut it! Do you know what corruption means? It’s helping people become bad.

We’re doing chores because I want you to grow up wanting to volunteer and help our family. You are going against this spirit of volunteerism. By weaseling out of your chores, even if you are paying, you are sending messages that it’s ok to be lazy and uncooperative in our family.”

Gaaack. I am so overkill, I know. I can’t help it.

But so far, I haven’t seen any signs that this practice is still on-going.

Sigh, it’s hard to be a parent… so many things to oversee, including your child’s character.

Originally posted 06 July 2008