Easy and Real Chicken Nuggets for Kids

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Everybody loves those chicken nuggets in the grocery. I stopped buying several years ago though, when an environmental org came out with a list of products using genetically modified corn. The list included those chicken nuggets, and so I stopped buying.

Fast forward to today. Thing2 keeps hankering to bring nuggets to school. Seems all his classmates bring the nuggets for packed lunch.

But it has genetically modified corn! I protest.

"I don't care." says 8-year old.

Well I'll make our own.

Slow-mo scream of anguish, "Noooooo..."

Anyhoo, much to my disbelief, I made my own nuggets for 8-year old last night. At least, whatever gmo the chicken I used ate, I don't know about.

If my recipe is real primitive, (w/o measurements and all), well, that's how I cook! Drives my mom up the wall... Just want to demo that cooking for the family can be done by dorks too. Not really rocket science, just need some daring and kapal-muks(thick skin) to watch the reaction of the family.

Need: Chicken breast, flavoring, quick-cooking oats

1. Fillet the chicken breast. Slice/ chop into teeny weeny bits. Great for stress reduction.
2. Put salt and pepper to taste. Add your child's favorite flavor if any, like cajun powder or those breading mixes if you like.
3. Put some oatmeal in. Your call if you want it batter-y or dry and pasty.
4. Shape into nuggets or gold bars (the big blocks) if your child will like it so.
5. Fry in the morning. 1-2 minutes for soft nuggets, longer if you want it crispy.

What did it taste like? Mine tastes like.. chicken.