Happy Birthday, Booga

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It's Booga's 8th birthday!


We love our children to death. When their birthdays come around we obsess over the littlest details to guarantee they have the happiest day ever. We obsess so much over what to do, what to cook, gifts to wrap that sometimes we forget to really look.

If we really look,

...We'll see how our child has grown. I told 8 year old that morning, "Anak (My child), you've grown so much... Remember when I used to take you to the office everyday? You were so small then. Now look at you!" His mid-calf shorts now hung above his knees.

... We'll see how funny our child has become. From impersonations, homorous comments and witticisms, our children never run out of "baon".

... We'll see how responsible our child has become. 8 year old also has the mumps this week. I've been pressing him to rest. What he does, instead of rest, is get the broom and dustpan and cleaned their bedroom! Neat freak alert.

... We'll see how they relate as human beings and find that they're a little more considerate, kinder and more affectionate than last time we looked.

A child's birthday is the perfect time to be grateful that you both were given a brief time to be together.

But other than this, make a child's birthday also about (gasp!) YOU. After looking and seeing, don't you think it's also the right time to lay back for several seconds and congratulate yourself for raising a child? While we are working hard to continuously teach and share with our kid, we can be grateful for each little triumph, a day at a time.

And if you do the math, thats 365 triumphs between birthdays.

That's something to pat yourself on the back with. :-)

My favorite 8-yo anecdote:
One morning, we were on our way to the office (just three streets away) when I stopped at the gate. "Wait! I told him, I forgot to pack your towels!" As I turned to run back to the house, tiny then four-year old 8year old says "Meron na dito (I have it here)". In my head, I go "Eng??"

Originally posted 07 February 2008