Mother Fonking

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Hello, world.

This is Kat. I am your resident mother-fonker. I'm a momma, house maid/ nanny/ tumblingera/ online worker/ etc/ etc.

Mothers are a multi-faceted species. We are hallmark-card/ kodak moment poster girls, but we can be funny, dorky and yes, even (ahem!) unreasonable.

What's a fonk?

I have no idea.

But the Urban Dictionary (bless them!) gives us a pretty complete picture.

1. fonk - An extreme form of funk.
Damn, wash yourself! You got fonk.

2. fonk - This is like sayin u have beef with somebody..fonkin
are they still fonkin with them?

3. fonk - (My favorite!) A merger of the words: fart & honk; to describe the sound of a fart when mentioning it.
I laughed so hard, I accidentally released a fonk.

4. fonk - A catch-all word, meaning anything, depending on the context in which it is uttered.

That girl/boy is such a fonk!

5. fonk - A cross between fuck and bonk
"where's Jim?"
"he's upstairs fonking Betty"

6. fonk - An Aussie acronym for the phrase "friend of no cunt"
Spalding wasn't very popular. In fact he was the biggest fonk any of them had ever met.

Oh yeah, mothers are fonkers, all right.


Regina said...

LOL!! Thanks for breaking that down for me!

Anonymous said...

just fonk off!!!