My Best VDay

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Have you noticed how some commercial establishments have dropped using the name valentines day for Feb. 14 but instead use Hearts' Day? Maybe they want to drop the connotation with the saint? I deliciously agree this hot and heavy occassion for lovers is far from "saintly".


As for me, I barely remember the hot and heavy VDays since it's been so long since I shared one with a lover.

What I do remember are the feb14s with my boys.

We're not a touchy-feely family. And since my boys are high-risk to be apathetic macho-wachos (hereditary hehehe), I've pledged to myself that I would celebrate occassions, no matter how simple, to teach my boys about celebrating love.

That's why, during feb14s, I grab some little treats to show them I love them.

There was one year when 8 year old was at his grandma's, so 12 year old and I trooped out with the masses to grab pizza. We just hung out and talked about school and life for a 3rd?/ 4th? grader. Interesting was when the weekend rolled around and we went home to grandma, 8 year old had also prepared me a card. I don't think he knew how to spell then. He just copied the "happy valentines" print on the heart balloon that I sent him. Sweet.

My ultra-fave feb14 was last year. I got the boys some candy and disappearing ink pens (the ones with the uv lights at the other end). I also wrote them secret "I love you" notes with the disappearing ink. They got a kick out of the notes.

For his part, 12 year old bought 2 flowers and he and 8 year old each gave me one. After lights out, the boys spent some time fiddling with their uv lights in the dark.

What chokes me up was that then-unbrotherly 12 year old SHARED his gift with his little brother. This was the time when he expresses disdain for his little bro 201% of the time, so you can imagine how happy I was for his thoughtfulness.

Hours after the boys went to bed, I could still feel the pride in the swelling of my heart.

Maybe I'm doing something right here.


I'll still have that hot and heavy valentines... someday. But right now, I'm enjoying myself with these awkward but nonetheless just as special valentines.

I wonder what gimmick I'll pop out for the boys on Thursday...

Any suggestions?

Originally posted 12 February 2008