Outdated Learnings in School

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Last time I went to school was 80s-90s. I noticed that, by the time 12year old was using books in the late 90s, there have been a lot of new info (not so new now) that have deported the stuff I learned in school to the classroom trashbin.

Here are some those nitty gritty ek-ek I've picked up along the way.

There are a lot, but these are all I remember off my head right now.
I will update this as we go along the way.


1. Order of operations in solving any number sentence

OLD (My time) - M.D.A.S
Multiply - Divide first; then add - subtract

(When I saw this in my son's notebook, I went WTF??@&#**&#&$!!)
Turns out this is : Solve within Parenthesis first, then
Exponents, then Multiply-Divide, Add-Subtract. Ah, ok.

2. Mental Maths

OLD - Brief section in curriculum, application depending on whim of
Most solving is made with our trusty pen, paper and scratch paper.
Solved right to left.
Special deductions if you don't show the solution.

NEW - Kids are expected to be suddenly adept in mental maths.
Used much more than in our time.
Subject's child's answers to a lot of error.
Mental maths are excellent to be used, but I think only when the
child has the solid foundation of greasy written computation.

Connected to mental maths, I see techniques of children solving
left to right. Also subject to a lot of error. A tragedy!

3. On coming up with Solutions

OLD - If you produce the correct answer with a different
solution, instead of getting cherubic singing and the opening of
heaven's gates because of your creativity (and daring!),
your answer is marked wrong.

NEW - A little better - These days, other solutions are highly welcome.
Plus points for outsmarting the teacher.


1. Planets with Rings

OLD - I swear I only know Saturn.

NOW - Saturn AND Uranus.
Plus Uranus' ring is vertical.

2. Pluto

OLD - Definitely a planet

NOW - Demoted. Some landform floating in space, not a planet

HEALTH (I separated this from science, since most likely, there's a lot)

1. Food Pyramid

OLD - Horizontal layers accdg to carbs, veggies, fruits, meat, oil and sugar

NEW - Vertical layers, same categories to highlight that all are equally important anyways, no one at the top (most important) or bottom (least important). My 2cents : Excellent move!


1. Regions in the Philippines

OLD - In school, we learned there were 12. plus 12-A, so 13 in all

NEW - A lot. Lot. More. I dunno. I always sucked at this.


raqgold said...

funny but very interesting! i could start comparing as my eldest would be starting grade one this sept :D

Kat Olivares said...

Yeah, it is interesting... especially since it smacks me in the face of how time flies ... Ehem... and my mind wanders to aging creams... and i begin to wonder if my brain needs aging cream as well :-)

If any info surprises you for being outdated, feel free to add more!