Sick and Sicker during Son's Field Trip

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I accompanied 8 year old to his field trip yesterday. Woke up feeling chilly... found it odd that 30 minutes later, despite all attempts at stretching and warming up, I still felt cold.

First stop, kids were enjoying playing. If there's anything that makes me and my heart smile, it's the sound of children laughing, squealing, shouting happily and romping around (should be in combination with the laughing, though.)

But I still felt weak. Wanted to work in the bus, but felt too weak I slept and slept.

Also felt vomit-y, so I didn't eat. Imagine the horror of a mom vomiting at the field trip, instead of a child!

Lugged myself around, weakly. Much to my child's boredom, who wanted to run and run, but also wanted to wait for me.

The field trip was nice. With long time for the children to play, and still learn about the sciences and fine arts (we watched a "primer for kids" ballet. Showed the boys that ballet wasn't for wussy boys only).

- - -

Last stop: theme park with rides

At the ticket stand - as the staff was putting on my ride-all-you-can wrist ticket, asks me:

"Ma'am, are you pregnant?"

I go in my head "What the fonk????? Been working hard to drop 2 dress sizes and you ask me if I'm pregnant???" When you're not feeling well, you're not really very understanding. I use my mental kung fu skills on her... ya!- ya!- hiii-yaa! Her head rolls on the floor.

But instead, I go "No I'm not. And I'm sick, I won't even use this ticket."

Back to my weak wobbling around the park.

Later on, as 8 year old rode with a classmate, I sat with the classmate's parent. After the ride, the boys run to us, tell us their next ride and speed off.

Classmate's mom asks me: (In true Filipino tactlessness)

"He looks like his dad, right?"

(Since my son is always told he's good looking, I go Gaaack!)

But since I like her, her son and their little daughter with us, I didn't use my mental kung fu on her.

I just say "No, he just looks like the neighbors."


mrsbear said...

Oh no, I hope you're feeling better. Thanks so much for the laugh, sorry it was at your expense. Thanks also for the fancy award. I'm kickass x 2. ;-) I dig the controversy for sure.

Petra said... are so funny!

The real question is...

Did you puke or what??

Kat Olivares said...

Nah. Didn't. Much to my relief.

After the field trip, I got down the bus, raised both fists and announced "I surviiiiiiived!" I think I heard the choirs of heaven singing faintly over my head.

Feeling better now, mrsbear. Slept under a rock for 48 hours.

raqgold said...

am glad you feel better... and i hope your boys, too.

kengkay here

Minxy Mimi said...

LOL!!! What a response to the classmates mother!
So glad you are better!