Some Modern Vocabulary from an 8-year old

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Sometimes, we get cues from our kids that signal how modern technology is totally enmeshed in their brains.

Computer jargon, for example, is serving as substitutes for everyday trivial words.

"I'm coming dear, just waiting for this to download."

1. "First Blood!" - First points earned/ catch for a team.

Kids are familiar with this idiom because this is also a dialogue from the online game DOTA.

I witnessed this during the summer sportsfest. Was watching my wards (sons and niece) play the local game patintero. As the whistle signalling the start of the game tooted, the Green Team players darted across the barriers (Blue Team players). After a few moments, two players of the Green Team were captured by Blue.

As if on cue, members of the Blue Team shouted, "FIRST BLOOOOOOD!"

I gaped at the chorus.

2. "Safe Removal of Hardware" - means Potholder

"Mooooooooommm... have you seen the safe removal of hardware?" 8yo screams in the background.

Eh wott?

"Safe removal of hardware!"

Ehhhh... Why are you looking for it? What are you going to do, anyways?

I want to get some hot water from the kettle. The kettle's warm, don't want to touch it.

Oh, you mean potholder.


3. "Download" - Waiting for the toilet tank to fill up

8yo uses toilet. Stomps out of the CR, doesn't flush.

Ehem... you forgot something.


The toilet. You forgot to flush.

Oh. Kuya* just used it. The tank's still empty. I'm waiting for it to download.

Kids these days...

*Kuya - a term of respect for older brothers

Originally posted 01 August 2008