Split Personalities

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Hi, all. Been more than a month since I last wrote, sorry. Summer break's ongoing right now. The boys are over at their grandma's and I've been maximizing the time to get out of the house while they're away so I haven't been able to blog. (Also, READ- the subjects of my blog are not with me. LOL! Hence, the silence.)

I often drop by my mom's to spend time with them, and I've been wondering.

How is it that for all the little details we patiently teach our kids day in and day out, they conveniently forget everything once they're in grandma's house?

You know, little selfcare stuff- like brushing the teeth. Or helping around the house.

My mom's complaining how idle one son is. He is uncooperative with chores, and will do everything in his power to wheedle away from a request. I've been reminding him to help out, just as he does at home with me. Sometimes this reminding gets ugly, but it has to be done.

Curiouser and curiouser, when the boys spent a few days with me at our home... Ja-nan! Shift gears. My "idle" son has been washing glasses left at the sink, setting the table and seeing that the little bro has eaten, thank you. Uh-huh, without me asking.

I wanted to ask him, "Ehm.. have you seen my real son around? I think he's been beamed up by aliens into their spaceship and left you behind." Hahaha...

What's the deal about this? Do you have the same experience with your kids?

Originally posted 23 April 2008