Stressing Over Feeding

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For someone who has boys, I spend relatively little on food.

I come from a family that loves to eat. We always kid that our clan gets "sakit ng matatakaw" (diseases of gluttons) -- ie., hypertension from high cholosterol and diabetes. Like other Filipino families, our Sunday luncheons start at the table at noon. The conversations continue throughout the day, STILL at the table. Walang tayuan (Nobody stands up.)

At first we found it kinda weird that my kids and my nephew/ nieces don't like eating. My niece, doesn't like to eat and will do away with eating, if only possible.

During the earlier years, I tried to feed my kids everything. Mealtimes ended in tears, especially for my firstborn.

Eventually I realized that my boys only eat according to their stomach's fill. Which is good. Kids are more in tune with matching the amount of food they eat to their hunger.

When I realized this, I stopped pestering them to eat.

I also noted for several months how they ate, what they liked eating, what food items stayed in the pantry for too long.

I saw that they virtually ignored the cookies and other snacks. They were generally contented with the rice meals. I also found that I bought too much food I was throwing stuff away. Tsk tsk. I also found I was worrying too much about feeding them something new. But really, they were contented and didn't care too much for regular new fare. I was just stressing myself over nothing.

These days, besides getting meat and vegetables, my staples include bread and milk. They are contented with only a pack or two of cookies/ snacks for the week. Big bonus - I can do with a smaller budget!

I still have to remind them to eat vegetables, once in a while. One son also refuses to eat fish, much to my disdain. He eats vegetables voluntarily though, so I let it go.

But generally, I've no problems feeding them.

Teynks Gad...

I hope you're having as easy a time as I am?

Originally posted 22 February 2008