Dorky Bonding Time for Mother and Son

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I haven't been going out with my friends for the longest time.

Met up with them and caught up on their lives news.

As we walked home, a friend mentioned about two brothers (Filipino) gaining great following on YouTube by lip-sync-ing popular songs. It was pretty entertaining, she said. Their first videos were shot only through a cellphone on top of the sofa. I was intrigued so I told her I'll check it out when I got home.

When I got home, 8 year old was already asleep. 12 year old was in front of the pc, viewing YouTube.

I told him "Look up Moymoy Palaboy."

And he said "I AM watching Moymoy Palaboy right now."

Weird huh.

Turns out these two brothers are kooky. Vids are quite dorky, but fun to watch.

Lurv the vids. 12 year old and I spent about an hour or two chuckling together.

Here's some of my faves.


Love how their aunt passes by and dances, oblivious a video is being shot.
Translation at the end: "And the other moustache has never been seen again..."

What is most striking to me is that they're obviously close. It takes some kind of closeness between two brothers to be THIS silly.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

My wish: for my boys to have the same bond... someday.

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