Jeans miracle

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My body type is very-pear-shaped with thunder thighs. I rarely get to buy jeans that fit well. My blouses are sized at medium or large (equivalent to 2/4/6 US size), but my pants (sigh) scream at XXL or beyond (size 10 or 12). And I'm only 5"3... in heels!

Easy enough for me to slap on any pair, but really, they just look so wrong. Either it fits my waist nicely but the thighs are bursting... or the thighs are comfy, but the pants fall. And believe me, when you use belts, it doesn't really do the trick because the pants fold vertical creases at the waist. The belt is up but the pants are still down, hanging desperately by the belt holder. Plus you get burned marks at the waist. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Low rise for ladies, out. Always too teeny tiny. The entire pair.
Boot-leg. Always too tight at the knees. WTFonk??? Ick.
Straight cut for ladies. If I can find something straight for my thighs, it totally transforms into flare pants. And it's IF I find straight cut that'll fit the thighs.
Wide leg. Aah... Utopia... But then again, wide leg pants are mostly slacks here. Have to travel several continents to find wide leg jeans.
Stretchy materials are great, but you still need an alchemist to concoct the perfect combo for the stretchy waist and comfy thigh-room.

I'm not running out of things to say... I guess this means it really has been a rough ride for me.)

Why, God?... Why???

I was scouting around for a shirt for 12 year old when I saw a glint up ahead. Ting! Nice low rise jeans on a mannequin! And in the teen boys department! Ehmmm... *Marbles in head rolling* Low-rise + guys sizes equals....

Needless to say, I never did get to buy him a shirt.

I got me one jean! Hooohhhray!

I think I'll buy two more of the same pair... or four... or six...eight? ten?....


The Fitness Diva said...

Good for you! Sometimes the men's cut of certain clothes look better on a woman! ;)
Now you know where to get the perfect jeans!

Kat Olivares said...

Yeah, I'll be stealthily skulking around in teen boys' sections for many years to come. :-)