Linky Winkies ;-)

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This is my space to acknowledge these great blogs. Please check them out.

Want to exchange links? Please leave a message, tweet or plurk me.

24 Patrol - For news and trends around the globe

A Long Distance Love Affair - Cel's family and married life, plus more.

Most Talked About - Don't be left behind, be updated with the latest issues & events right here.

A Little of Entrep and More

Life's Journey - A Little Bit of Everything

My Handy Cam
- Vrajesh's view of the world through his video camera


24patrol said...

Hi, i'm interested to exchange link with your blog.. just message me back if it's okay with you. thanks

Mariuca said...

Kat! Thanks so much for voting for me, you're so sweet! :D

24patrol said...

thanks, added you as well.

littlemissfly said...

hiyee! wud like to exchange links! ur blog is fun!have a nice day!