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Mrs. Bear over at Outnumbered 2 to 1 tagged me to write 6 quirksome things about myself. Told her I may have some difficulty spilling out 6 items because I've lost all objective perception of what is quirky, weird or outright evillll...

I'm also tagging the following blogs for this meme. Just write 6 quirky things about yourself, choose 6 blogs you would also like to write their quirkiness, put their links on your blog and inform them.

Have fun writing!

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Here goes. Stifle the yawning, pls.

"The polo shirts ALWAYS look whiter over there."

If other people are hung up over the greenness of the grass over at the neighbors', me, I'm hung up over my sons' uniforms.

Other kids' white uniforms always seem white and clean.
My sons' always look grayscale, whether I view it with my CMYK or RGB eyes. Gaaack. I rub, I scrub, I brush, I plead (to the polo shirt). To no avail.

I hope the day I snatch the neighbors' laundry never comes...

I'm tickled pink with spray bottles for cleaning.

Put in water and detergent in an empty spray bottle and blast it away at any part of the house. I use it to clean away dust, or rub out stains in the sink, stove, bathrooms... I lurv it!

Tickled most that I can actually clean DUSTY BOOKS with a very light spritz of soapy water. You know how just dusting is ineffective for books. Just air books out a little before returning to storage. I live in a tropical country so try it out first with one book if you live in colder places. Books and I are happy they are dust-free.

And I really didn't like cleaning anything, until I tried this.

My superpowers can also be attributed to a piece of apparel Spidey had his costume. Batman had to have his belted underwear worn over his britches (crazy!).

Me, I need my gloves! My gloves!... to do the cleaning, plates, laundry, even cooking when my hands really hurt, to function normally. Yeah, I use separate gloves for food-related jobs. I cannot save the world without gloves.

I take Eckhart Tolle's advice - Be in the moment -
At least once a day, I consciously make the effort to stop thinking and feel the sensation of being inside my body at that moment. Why do I do this? Vanity. He says people in the present age much slower. ;-)

My laughing is macabre.
I laugh when I'm happy, glad, blissful, surprised, neutral, afraid...
Not really when I'm angry or sad. That is so advanced round already. (Well... Maybe just a lil bit...)

On names - I'm a betrayer of roots.

My real name is derived from my mom's. She's Gloria, and she named me Glorie Mae. (The nerve! :-p) Sometimes, when my mom's in her ballistic swings(or we call it "possession," like Linda Blair, yes) I find it quite a pain to be named after her.

Altogether now: Glorie Mae! Glorie Mae! Glorie Mae! No matter how much you desensitize yourself to it, it's a perennial 11-year old name. I'm turning thrice this number next year, so imagine how difficult it is to use this real name.

My milkname is Bujing ("Boo-jing"), sometimes called Buje ("Boo-je"). When I was 5yrs old, my sister shortened Buje and christened me with my nickname, "Ge" (Pronounced as "Je"). So when I switched to Katya/ Kat, I also betrayed her.

I loved being called Ge then. However, this Ge is the spoiledest, nastiest, evil youngest child you'll ever meet. If I met her now even I wouldn't like her. Had some 1,440-degree twists and turns in life... She was also a toxic wife and a bad mommy, so when I was christened Katya/ Kat in the office, I welcomed the change. Stabbed this little meany Ge, kicked her off a cliff, and got down the cliff to stab her again. And again and again... Muhahaha!

Why did people in the office name me Katya? Well... Katya is a porn star.
'Nuff said.

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mrsbear said...

You are nutty for certain. I loved your list. Don't want to meet this Ge person, but Kat seems pretty cool. ;-) I personally am guilty of nervous laughter almost all the time, which unnerves my oldest, who constantly feels the need to tell me "stop nervous laughing", with an exaggerated eye-roll.

Casey said...

I don't think we own a single item of white clothing that isn't gray. I know it's from my lack of sorting but I just don't care enough to spend the extra time doing a load of JUST whites. Glad I'm not the only one!

Kat Olivares said...

Yeyy! I found a blood sister in gray laundry.

Oh yes, I do sort. ;-) I'm hopeless.