Oh, oh, oh, oh... Sweet Child of Mine

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Of course, no smiling pics from this teen

I already have a teen-ager today!
Older son is 13 years old.
And I'm still cute! hahaha ilurveet...

I can totally relate to Mrs Bear's thoughts on her daughter's birthday.
Exact same thingy on raising a fussy 1st born.

13yo bore all the brunt of my toxic younger years: the wrecklessness, my negligence, my crazy bitch fits/ possession. Tsk tsk...

Nonetheless, I'm still lucky enough to have this son, who is kooky and wise in his own child ways.

Son, no matter how old you get, I'll always be here to walk along with you (maybe behind you later on) in your life's journey.

And no matter how old you get,
for new stages in your life,
I will always take the moment to tease you

"I will come with you because it's your first day...
and you'll tell me, I'm scared, mummy.
And I'll say, don't worry anak, I'll hold your hand."

(whether in university, post-grad, new office, and more...)
Okay fine, when you're 30 years old, it's not teasing, it's harassing.

But what the hey, I won't miss the chance ;-)

i love you anak


steenky bee said...

Thirteen, huh? He knows everything then huh?

Hey, I tried to add you to my reader, but it won't let me. I'll keep trying.

BTW: Your picture? You're beautiful!

Casey said...

Aww, happy birthday kid. Cute picture, haven't seen the fonker kids before... See, Steenky Bee can't add you to her reader either since you won't setup your RSS feed. I noticed your motherfonkeratclubhalf is up there, way to go! That probably burned ten calories to setup.

Heinous said...

Happy Birthday! (a day late, I'll have to work on that.)

mrsbear said...

Happy B-day to the junior Fonker. That look in the photograph is so typically 13. I liked your tender post. Hope you had a great celebration, at least a drama free celebration.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Happy Birthday!
Ahh teenagers!I have a baby brother who'd turn 13 last week and my older boy will be 12 in no time so I know what you have in hands!LOL!

Gem said...

Thirteen! In five years my daughter will turn thirteen too. She's growing up and showing those secondary characteristics na. Grabe.

Kat@MotherFonker said...

@Gemma - My 2nd Travesty, the smaller boy, is as young as Janna... but seems she can outwrestle him anytime :-) hehe