Making Beds

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I'm pretty impressed that the Obamas are fully intending for their daughters to make their own beds. More so for their plans to make the White House into a GreenHouse (make it more energy-efficient, that is). Whoot!

Just goes to show how much of regular folks the Obamas are. I lurv eet!

But really, if us mommybloggers will also move in to the White-Green House I won't be surprised if we'll do the same. At least, I will. Why will I miss the chance to torture my boys less ;-)

I do not believe in handing out chores as punishment. Chores should be part of everyday life. But I can't help but laugh as imagine, if I were in the White bHouse, and the boys get real bad, a possible punishment would be to "Clean the entire house!" I think that'll pretty much bring their tongues out at the end of punishment day.