Brief absence, different issues

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My original intent on putting up this blog is to share parenting/ raising boys issues while putting up for posterity my sons' antics, and mysterious ways of their brains.

Kinda crazy for me to see that my last regular blogging was end of the year last year and already -- I am facing totally different issues now... in just a span of several months!

Well, for one, I already have a high school sophomore so the set of activities has rapidly transformed (bringing with it totally new issues).

And then my 9 year old, still 9 years old, but is displaying the signs of --sigh -- terrible pre-pubescence.

I do hope I can write more regularly now. I admit I've stopped because my mojo wasn't up to it... but let's see now what happens next. ;-)


Mrsbear said...

Hmmm. Mojo has been in short supply lately. ;)

I should know.

Casey said...

Woah, what a nice surprise! We've all been slipping away from the blogosphere but damn girl, you took awhile off. Welcome back!

Kat said...

CAAAAAAAAAAAASSSEEEEE!!! im so envious of your pretend-bowling with the girls! gaaaaackkkk *cant breathe - blackout*