Floating Up through Storms and Floods

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I grew up in a neighborhood that averages 10 floods a year. My sibs and parents and I always breezed through those easily. Submerged feet in dirty stinky water for days, scrubbing the house after, etc. Year in, year out. Somehow, we always managed to stay calm and sane. Living in an area with a weird character grows on you, you eventually just adjust and live.

Sometimes, when I hear friends wading through flood waters and they mention they cried while doing so, I ask, how high was it? Up to my knees... The insensitive fonk that I am would cut in, What? You cried when the flood was only upto your knees???

This week-end we had a devastating flood, and I don't use the word devastating for floods, really.

But it is. After the water has gone down, we've found so many dead people in the mud, caught in the wires, etc. (yeah, the water was that high...) People still missing/ has not contacted relatives after everyone else has had their phone signals back... This is scary, truly.

Scary because the level of difficulty is new. Scary because we didn't expect it and were unprepared.

But I know the optimism of Filipinos. We smile through floods, earthquakes, fire. We reach out to people. We cheer when media cameras pass by (yeah, we're natural hams). We briefly exchange stories without saying a word. We touch each other's lives and leave imprints of kindness everywhere for everybody.

Next time, we know what to do... And expect that you won't scare the shit out of us that time around ;-)

If you want to donate to Typhoon Ketsana victims, MyAyala is now accepting online donations. It is your kindheartedness that inspires people to start anew, so donate today :-)

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