For Cars that Swam in the Flood

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Thousands of cars were submerged in the metro because of the recent flood.

I'm sure a lot of car owners are dying of curiosity to find out if their cars are still alive or not.

However, I'm sure garage mechanics and official repair houses of car brands are full to the brim now.

What to do? See if you can find something useful in these tips from Ehow:

1. Assess the damage. Is your car worth repairing at all? Was the car totally submerged or just partially?
2. Is the engine working? If there is water in the engine, don't even start it. Have the car towed to the repair shop.
3. Drain the oil and transmission pans. Replace with new liquid.
4. Let the brakes dry and inspect. Drain and change the brake fluid.
5. Clean and let dry the car's interiors. Or have it re-upholstered.

If the damage is going to cost more than the total worth of the car, then it is not salvageable.

The usual car insurance in the Philippines don't cover damage due to natural calamaties. You have to pay extra premiums to have your car insured for floods.

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