Philippine Flag Change... la-di-dah...

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So of course everyone is reacting just now to the approval of the insertion of the 9th ray of the sun on the Philippine Flag. People are reacting now after enactment of a law. Good luck.

Don't get me wrong, I love anything Philippine. I love the flag. In fact, I love it so much I give more solemnity to facing the flag during national anthems than during some religious denomination's prayers. I also sing the National Anthem loud and proud, anywhere, anytime. (Note to my non-Pinoy friends, people don't sing the national anthem here, which is sad.)

I love it so much I will just paste this here for posterity and sentimental reasons.

Early Philippine Flag with 8 rays

The lawmaker who proposed this is allotting the 9th ray for Muslim Mindanao. I'm all for including Muslim Mindanao into everything, but I don't think it's appropriate since they want to be free of the Philippines, to be given the space to do their own thing, not really to be part and parcel of this country (long story). So, meh...

Anyhoow, leave the serious thinking to legitimate thinkers.

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The first thing I thought of when I saw the news is that --> 9 rays around the sun's circle will be difficult for kids to draw evenly.

8 rays representing the 8 provinces that rebelled and fought against the colonizers valiantly, mean you draw it like you slice pizza. One across, another across it, then a line in a middle, and another line through the other middle.

9 rays means an OC child will now have to divide the sun's circle into 3 first (how???), then put in the 3rays at each division, and you don't put it in the 2 rays in between.

I'm a momma. This is a legitimate concern for me. Burjujillions of Filipino kids draw the flag every year, you know.

Amorsolo's Interpretation on the Sewing of the First Current Flag
These Hong Kong chicks had it easier... Imagine sewing a flag with 9 hard to layout rays on the sun...

A lot of people are reacting about this, some serious, some funny, but my favorite is from my fellow plurker, who said:

"9th ray added to the Philippine flag to reflect current global warming crisis."

and that the

"Philippines is the first country in the world to acknowledge climate change in its national flag."

hahaha Winner!

Bah. I care more about caring for the country and whatever icons it has, whether the icon gets a new tail, horns or whatevuh.

More Pictures of the flag as I knew it for posterity:

Weird face make-up (and some issues about wearing the flag) but ok na lang.

I love this, purty!


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i love this Country :)