Halloween's Coming Up! What's your Kid Gonna Be?

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Year in, year out, it's the usual scenario. I ask smaller bro what he's gonna be for halloween, no answer, ask, no answer, ask until it's tada! Cramming time for halloween costume once again.

This year, I've been pestering him to be a Jabbawockee but he doesn't want to.
He's the type of kid who makes it a point that when he does wear a costume, he will look nice. So that definitely strikes out monsters, gore, funny tights and masked faces.

Two years ago, he wanted to be Harry Potter. So he showed up at my sister's office's treat or trick in a store bought costume - a long, wide sleeved black coat labelled "Wizard Costume". He also wore a shirt, vest and orange tie and black pants.

A rare picture that shows his face :-p

As he passed by the young employees, they did say "Oh, it's Harry Potter."

But as he approached one director for his treat, he was welcomed warmly.

"Hello.... And who might you be? (thinks)

Oh, you must be The Graduate!"

(Hoo boy, wonder why I heard Simon and Garfunkel in my head...)

This year, I asked him what he wanted to be for halloween.

Now he had an immediate answer: "Hali Bote," he said without glancing from the computer monitor.

Hali Bote is Chinese for Harry Potter.

Altogether now: "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know..."

Oh well, that means I don't have to buy anything this year.

What about your kid? What does your child want to be this halloween?

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Mrsbear said...

Not having to purchase a new costume is a good thing. All four of mine want to be something different this year and the clock is ticking...maybe I should have them make their own costumes. Although a Transformer would be challenging.

Kat said...

yeah, this is pretty crazy shit:


i haven't shown this to leon yet.

i don't intend to. lol.