Parenting Hypocrisy?

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In my day, I was carefree and wreckless. I didn't get in to TOO much trouble but I had my share of... uhmm "naughtiness". And I sure as hell know (and remember quite well, still, that) I didn't like adults putting boundaries on my whims.

So imagine my horror at my ability to pull a poker face and to ask the "proper" questions expected of a parent the other day.

Jonesy: Mom, may I sleep over at classmate x's after the high school dance?
Motherfnkr: (thoughtful how to pull this one off while being true to myself) *long pause* Classmate X who?
Jonesy: One of my friends in class.... So, can I?
Motherfnkr: *long pause* How many will you be there?
Jonesy: Dunno yet.
Motherfnkr: *all-thinky and shit* Does classmate x have adult supervision at home?
Jonesy: Of course.
Motherfnkr: I see. Remember your last night out? The rule is leaving the landline phone number before you can go.
Jonesy: Yeah, I'm texting now for his phone number. *Slinks away*

I still had many questions and he escaped!

I have this issue with my myself about being too inquisitive about permissions and all, when I myself once upon a time was a.. ehmm... real headache.

But that's just for myself. My deep, dark secret.

For showtime, I am inquisitive and have to have all those numbers just in case.

Just in case he ends up like me. lol.

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