You Know Your Child has Grown Again When...

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...You teach him how to tie a neck tie.

No more how-to-tie-with-bunny-ears technique for this grown boy.

I shoulda taught him this crap too, why he needs one:

9 yr old will be the recipient of this information when it's his turn.

- - -
Anyhoo, here's a simple way to tie a necktie for boys.

1. Put tie around the nape. Adjust the thin end to hang by/above the belly button. Fat end will be considerably longer.

2. Put fat end over the thin end , then loop under the thin end.

3. Loop it over again, then under (2nd time) but

4. Place the end of the fat end by the top most button of the shirt (by the throat), then pull the fat end out.

5. Thread the fat end down through the horizontal loop and pull down.

6. Adjust.

Deng. That was quite hard to describe. Hope people get it.

Maybe bunny ear knots are easier to understand....

PS. Scanning through guy fashion magazines, we noticed that ties for now are sleeker. When I got Jonesy his tie, the ties with fat ends (those like dad's) are considerably way cheaper than the ties with both slim ends. So, yeah. Guess the sleek ties are more ehmm "acceptable" these days, that's why they're more expensive. I won't be surprised if I'm the last one to know of this bit of fashion news. Just sharing, info might come in handy if you're giving away ties this christmas. ;-)

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