FOR SALE: Son who does Not Get the Humor of Parents Giving Away their Kids Online

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I got a kick out of Carol's post in A Second Cup about giving away her child in her FaceBook status.

It was pretty cute:

Free to good home: One 18 year old male. Hard worker, pleasant and civil to everyone but his parents. We pay for shipping.

She then tells how parents like it, but apparently, a friend of her son's took slight offense.

Validating my good chuckle over this, I asked Jonesy what he thought: if it was offending or not.

He said yes, it was offending.

Hmmm... I expected better. I thought I was raising boys to have a humorous take on life. Apparently, needs more work.

Okay, now I want to sell him off.

Takers, anyone? Please? No one?

Yeah, I really should go sell him offline. So I won't be busted.

How about if I throw in a free pen for your purchase? No?


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carol at A Second Cup said...

A friend said if I was serious I could list him on Craig's list. Thanks for the bloggy love.

kat said...

*ninja whisper laugh to not offend the young ones*