How do you Preserve Your Family Memories?

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Being the low-maintenance mom that I am, I am quite the royal dork-o in organizing the family's mementoes.

Some moms lovingly scrapbook.  My sister was a killer scrapbooker until Multiply came along.  I love all the colorful themed pages,  the cute cropped pictures and the different textures in the pages.  Some moms take care of their photo albums.  Others carefully collect stuff for their memory boxes, keeping all pictures, tags, cards, receipts and assorted kinds of souvenirs in pretty boxes.

My version of "lovingly organizing" the family keepsakes is:
1) Dragging myself to the photo studio to have pictures developed.  Hard copy has its own merits.  Did I mention my original schedule of going to the studio was like, uhmm... 3 years ago?
2) After getting the copies, stack up all those babies.
3) Dump into a box.  Are you looking for a acid-free photo box from me? Ehmm.. *Twiddles fingers.  Looks away...*

I am interested to have a time capsule, though.  This time capsule will be for everybody, not just for me and the boys, but will include my sister and my niece and my mom as well.

I am thinking of a special occasion to have a time capsule ceremony. I'll have my sons and niece pick up stuff that they'd want to include in the time capsule.  I'd like to have the time capsule buried out in our backyard.  Hmm, maybe I'll do this on mom's birthday, since for Mang Napo's birthday we're planning to have a simultaneous christmas tree lighting in our own houses.

I'm guessing a lot of you would also want a time capsule for your family but don't have the space to bury the capsule in.

Why not try an online time capsule? I think there's a great company out there,, that takes care of your pictures, videos and messages for 10 years.  Unlike your blog, these keepsakes are for private viewing.  It may also be accessed by a guardian.  And unlike a blog, if you totally forget about it, it will still be all there, ready for viewing.

Or better yet, why not do both? One actual physical time capsule and an online one.

Our kids will appreciate these little gestures further on in the future.

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How about you, how do you preserve family memories?