Top Reasons Why Books are the Best Gifts for Kids

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I wish I'd thought of this article first, but Ms. Rupa Raman very nicely beat me to it.

I just loved her article Why Books Make Great Gifts and just had to share it.

I've always considered myself the "boring gift-giver". Every year, my presents are square, rectangle and flat. You don't need to open the wrapper to know what's inside. Should I even share that my presents are always the last to be opened (and by then the child is distracted looking at the bells and whistles of the gadgets they received)?

They always rip off my wrapper in reflex, and half-heartedly.

Anyhoo, I don't mind. Long after the interesting bells and whistles toys are chucked out in the trash, the books are there and we still read those ;-) Last laugh in the background: Mu-hawhawhawhaw.

Here are her reasons why books make great gifts:

* Nurtures an interest in reading
* Rarely outgrown
* Books serve as an inspiration for other interests - I like this point very much.
* Reinforces an ongoing interest in a hobby or subject
* Unbreakable gift. No parts to go missing, no batteries that conk out.
* Easy to find and carry
* Personalized children's books make the best gifts!

Please see the complete article. A very worthwhile read.


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