Raising (Bigger) Boys

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Yep, I have a new son.  A much bigger son.

Last week, my sperm donor's 18-year-old nephew  called and asked me if he can stay over.  Some messy business with his family moving and all, and he asked if he can stay with us so he can focus on school. 

My nephew is a smart, talented and kind boy. Coming from ehmm... (not to diss, but just telling the precise description:) crazy-ass parents doesn't really fit in the grand scheme of things if that's how you are.

We like having him around.  My sons have fun with him, and he's helpful around the house.  Plus when he stays with us, he thrives in school.  During the school's first quarter, he stayed with us and he got into the top 3 because, he claimed, he "can study here" at our home compared to when he's with his mom.  I also enjoy how he talks and talks around the dinner table, asking many questions about friends, his love life and how to do better in school.
Today, he came in with his stuff.
"Tita (Aunt), are you adopting me?".  I just grunted.  Translated to:  If I just can, I would.
"Tita, dad's asking if you want anything that he can bring for you? Chocolates? Clothes?"
MF: "None, really. I just want you to go to school."

So now I'm raising all age ranges of boys: tween - early teen - late teen.

Let's get ready to .... rumblllllle....


thepsychobabble said...

Wow, you'll have a lot on your plate with that range of ages! I wish you the best of luck!

And PS you are an awesome auntie to take him in when he needs you like that.

kat said...

thanks. they're pretty low maintenance. or i declare martial law (muhahahahh...)