Teaching "Work Ethics" Early

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Hah! NaBloPoMo, I'm in today.

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When 9 yr old came in from school, he immediately asked me

"Ma, when you're a leader and you set a time to do group work, aren't you supposed to appear at the time you set?"

MF: Yes, son. You should even be there first.

So he told me of how he showed up to prepare for a group work and one leader was nowehere to be found, while the other one was elsewhere in school.

So I had to explain, "Son, remember when you went with me to the office then, we would especially be early when there are meetings? Your group work is just like a meeting. When you set a time for everybody to come, you should come. If you're going to be late, you inform them immediately and tell them why." etc etc etc

Parenthood leaves no rock unturned if you want to position your kid to be considerate and ethical in the future.

I've had countless more discussions with Jonesy that I translate to "when you have your own work or business, this is the expected behavior."

Motherfonker overkill. as usual.

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Mrsbear said...

Hey, lady. Glad to see you back and blogging. Repeatedly. Setting a good example for your boy is never overkill, you're right, people should be where they said they would be ON TIME. No excuses. ;)

Steph said...

Hey there, nice blog, thanks for popping by mine last month.

kat said...

Hello Steph! Yep, Mrs Bear. our overkill-ingness will be something the kids will look back on later and have a good sibling chuckle in adulthood. as you and your sister do now with some of your parents' overkill antics. ;-)