Teen Boys' Hair

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Guess whose? The quintessential hair guy as dead as his hair.

My brother and dad were quite the low maintenance kind when it came to their hair (well, about everything actually) that I was quite fascinated with male characters in the movies who were bitchy about hair. "Touch everything! but my hair."

I didn't know it was possible with real life teen boys.

My tween (9yo only) has been refusing to have his hair cut for the longest time. He insisted he was growing it out. We ignored it, assuming it was just one of his harmless whims.

Then one day, he went to the barber and had the sides trimmed. Now he had this sorta short emo style hair.

That day when he first appeared at home, I heard big bro scoff as only siblings can "You're ugly."

I knew what that you're ugly meant. Somebody's enviousss...

Thing is: Tween's hair is straight and manageable.
Teen's hair is wavy, curly,stringy, frizzy and like its owner, has a mind of its own.
You only get to notice it if he grows it. He has a clean barber's cut all the time. Same and uniform, and now, in his standards, boring.

Little bro's new hairstyle got the wheels in my teen's hair, ehmm, head turning. He suddenly woke up that it's okay to have different looks.

So each day, I would at least once have to listen to musings over how to improve his hair. I've been hearing about hair rebonding, ironing, blowdrying, delaying a trip to the barbers, and can you please mom get me some wax.

(It is no secret that I am trying to raise metrosexual boys, so) I try to be supportive, at least.

I did get him some hair products, but I don't think he's doing anything, except switch the shampoo he's using to the same one I do use.

But still, agonizing... agonizing... agonizing...

Vanity can easily turn to neurosis(another pet issue of mine when it comes to raising boys. Something for next time). Let's see if this vanity leads to sticking straws - - into hair.


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