Thank you, Universe for...

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I like thanking the universe for each and every detail i come across with in daily life.  I came across Psychobabble's grateful-for entry and I thought, wow, that's so nice.  Why not blog it as well?  I did tell her I'll nick her gratitude idea.  I'm sure it's fine with her.

Right now, from where I'm sitting,

I am thankful for my sons, who ALWAYS connect me to the universe.
I am thankful for my mom, sister and far-away bro, my work, my work colleagues, my home, the cutie animals who like to chirp outside, the trees, the sun always peeking at me through the trees during sunset, my heartsharers online and in realtime, my body and a little boy peeking at the monitor while i type.

there are more, but the bubble's burst. hee hee. more next time.