Trying Hard to Encourage Mandarin

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I want my boys to be multilingual. PH people are more or less fluent in English and Filipino, and now I'm dragging my boys to learn Mandarin.

Besides the usual reason that Chinese is soon to be the business lingua franca, I truly believe that multilingual kids are smarter and have a higher probability to be more compassionate.

I have initially failed to encourage the boys to seriously study the easiest Mandarin audio course here at home.

We all started last June, but so far, I am the only 1 who has finished the 8 lessons.

Sigh. So now I really want to share some useful sentences with them. I have to be creative how to insert those in daily conversation, and make sure I am patient enough to only go at it one sentence at a time.

Stuff I'm babbling about in Mandarin are: eating, playing, clothes and sleeping. In whole sentences instead of just words.

And of course I'm moving on to other courses to widen my own teensy knowledge.

Wish me luck.

How about you, do you want your child to be bilingual or multilingual?

Note : If you also want your kids to start learning Mandarin, the nicest online bookstore for kids I think is


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Brian Barker said...

Apparently President Obama wants everyone to learn a foreign language, but which one should it be?

The British learn French, the Australians study Japanese, and the Americans prefer Spanish. Yet this leaves Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hindi, out of the equation.

It's time to move forward and adopt a neutral non-national language, taught universally in schools worldwide,in all nations.

As a native English speaker, I would prefer Esperanto

Your readers may be interested in the following video at Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva.

A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at