When Does a Parent Repay HER OWN Parents?

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This morning I brought Leon to an enrichment math class and waited it out til they were dismissed. At first, I thought "I have come full circle, waiting for my kid to get out of school on a Saturday morning ." And I thought about all the BS about parents' payback time. But then again, I thought,

Wait. My parents never stayed in school to wait for me.

And then I went into a pleasant reverie into the past about my parents, doing stuff for me without waiting for anything in return.

What dawned on me, is they did all they could for me so that eventually, I will be able to/ want to do stuff for my kids that my parents never did for me.

That's when I realized, I can only start to repay them for their kindness when I'm raising boys in better ways than they did.

I'm sure that would please my dad the most.

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