Happy Christmas! You Know They've Grown Again during Christmas When...

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Happy christmas everybody! I hope you enjoyed the yuletide season.

I am raising boys, and I noticed before school went out for the christmas break that their pants are shorter again. But more than height, here are some holiday tell-tale signs they grew again:

... the previous letter to Santa is now just a numbered list.
... the list is considerably shorter
... the list contains items considerably more expensive
... child cannot decide what is wanted for christmas when toys are the topic.
... wants clothes, gadgets, cash
... now pressured with budgeting for gifts
... list to give gifts to is considerably longer too, and has 100% girl names
... you remind them Christmas is all about Jesus' birthday and family ties and not so much about stuff, and SEEM to outwardly believe you.

... they now remember you and try to give you a gift as well.

If you want to add more, please leave your ideas :-)


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