If Dec 25 is Christmas, Is June 19 Rizalmas?

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Christmas is around the corner!  Happiness!

i'm one of those who have graduated from associating the holidays with material things but if mah boys are excited, okay, no prob.  I'm excited for them as well.

I'm not really a religion person, but I really respect Jetut for all his promotion of peace, prosperity and love for all mankind. 

In my humble opinion, Jetut was one of the first NGO-ey activitists.  Some fundamentalist sh*t have just been inserted into "his apparent teachings" by self-serving people, making his oldest church divisive as hell.

I don't believe Jesus damns you to heaven or hell, so yes, I put him in the same regard as Jose Rizal.  This is why, yes, I celebrate Rizalmas on June 19s.  Like Jesus, Rizal also promoted peace, prosperity and love for all mankind.

I should have a Gandhimas as well.


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Gem said...

Oo nga, di ko naisip yan! Mas famous si Jetut eh! Same values, different people.