Need More Ammo -- on the Christmas Tree

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I have always had the presumption that girls do more fancy talking than boys. I have always thought that when raising boys there will be more grunts than flowery language.

These days, I have noticed 9 year old talks a lot of highfalutin gibberish. He always manages to spew out weird dialogue for any occassion. Turns out he gets this from fantasy mmporg games and fantasy animation. I say it's his late phase of "word salad"-ing. lol.

We put up the tree the other day to celebrate my dad's bday, and this time his dialogue is much simpler but still enough to stunt me.

As he asked to be handed more christmas balls to put up on the tree, 9 year old went on with the same tone of recording voice that says a spaceship will self-destruct in x minutes.

He kept repeating: "Need more ammo. Need more ammo."


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