There are days when...

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For some weird parent-ethic reasons, I cannot post what happened...

but I feel really elated.

As a parent, there are some life events that you buckle up for.  Competitions and academic achievement do not really match up.  There will always be life events that you can expect will throw bad blows to your kid, and you want to be around, just in case you'll be needed.

And you find you aren't.  And your kid is handling himself pretty well.  And you admire his thoughtfulness and class.

Every once in a while, despite the sad turn of events for him, I feel that I'm raising my kid well.

And then I remember, all credit is his alone.  

But still, I can't help but smile when no one's looking.


Mrsbear said... can take a little credit. ;) Good for him! I'm sure it's just one in a lifetime of moments, glad he handled himself well.