A Very Special Christmas Gift - An Online Time Capsule Account

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Christmas is coming! Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

Yeah, I know how hard it is to find a gift that is unique and something that your family/ friend will use consistently. Most importantly, what gift can evoke joy for your friend (preferably for a long time)?

If you are looking for a very useful gift that your family or friend will treasure, why not give a membership account for an online time capsule? My Heart Will specializes in providing secure, private time capsules that can be accessed by your loved ones.

Why online time capsules make fantastic gifts:
- Great backup to the ever-reliable shoebox of memories
- Will definitely be secure for a looooong time
- Your loved one can store letters, photographs, and copies of memorabilia, as well as easy storage of recordings and videos. (CD players may not be easy to find a little further on in the future).
- Your loved one may also store future messages for other loved ones and schedule a delivery into the future. Kewl.

Give to your teens, your siblings, bestfriend, even your parents or grandparents (if they're the type who can appreciate storing memories, and if they're comfortable in using the pc and internet). Everybody will get a kick out of this present.

Find out more about My Heart Will and see how a valuable christmas gift it can really be.

Note: Online Time Capsules don't have to be used purely for personal reasons. Why not use this for business as well? Store important documents, current pictures, etc. to document the growth of your company. If you want to store documents securely for future-decision making of the company, you may also want to seek the services of Institute for the Future.


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