My 9 yr old is Growing Up too Fast

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I noticed these days he's staying up later than usual.

He eats more. As in a lot. And frequently.

Plus the eternal issue of growing his hair long is still here.

And of course, as most boys are, he's always out of the house.

His brother remarked earlier today he seems to act older than the other 9 or 10 year olds. So I told him, "When you were in pre-school, your teacher said you also acted older than your age." And she asked me if you were hanging out with older boys, and I said yes, there is an older cousin he hangs out with. "And so now, with your little brother, there's you. So his interests and behavior matches up to yours as well."

Thank goodness, if growing boys grow further away, this one is now making it a point that within the day, he'll somehow sit beside me here at my desk. And we'd talk some about school, his friends, even for just a bit.

He's turning 10 next month so then he's officially entered the 2-digit age stage.

Very soon enough, I'll have to return this baby to the stork, in exchange for a growing monkey.


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Sandra Carvalho said...

I know the feeling!!!It's so hard to see them grow!!!
Hope you have a wonderful 2010!!!

Mrsbear said...

It happens. At least he's making time for his mom. That's sweet...and rare. ;)

Casey said...

I love that he still wants to hang with his mom though.

We're not there yet with the kids growing up too fast but in a blink of an eye, they went from brand new blobs to talking, joke telling characters. I love it.