New Year's Resolutions?

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Do you make any during the start of the year?

I don't make a new year's resolutions list, but I do I have this list that I want to happen for the year.

If a list is branded as THE new year's resolutions list, everything gets chucked into the trash, stat.

Maybe because of the implied sweat, blood and tears behind the branding?

I would like improvements in my life, which is what new year's resolutions are for, but I pass on the grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it bs. Life is too short to have to sweat blood over.

I'm guessing the effort-y things in your list involve manic exercise and chores done to neurotic perfection? Definitely not fun.

I have found that most of the time, things in my list do somehow happen through the year, whether I slave away or not over it. So why agonize at all?

Want to make your own list?
- List everything you want to happen in 2010.
- Done? Okay, close your notebook or file.
- Then get on with your life.

If you really just have to obsess over it, fine. You may check it, abut look at it end of 2010.
Everything that did not happen, add to your list for 2011.

But I assure you, you would've made happen A LOT of it by then.

Instead of the usual new year's resolution with obsessive-compulsive schedules that are conveniently forgotten by 3rd week of January.

Give yourselves a break. Have fun with improving your year :-)


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Gem said...

Some people work with plans, some don't. Maganda ang may plans, pero minsan may mga taong maswerte talaga kahit walang plano sa buhay.. hehe

Happy New Year mother!

Mrsbear said...

I didn't bother with resolutions this year. I've learned they really don't hold too much meaning come February. There are things that I want to happen, which I'll work on, while not committing them to writing.

Happy 2010.

Casey said...

Nicely put. I didn't make any resolutions on purpose since it's too stressful to fail. I'm setting the bar low.