Who Do You Use your Best Dinnerware On?

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Last new year's eve, I was assigned to host the family dinner for the first time ever. Because of this, I finally got to do something I've been putting off for a long time: get some spankin' new tableware.

After the celebration, while I did the dishes and wiped those dry, my reflexes began to prepare to keep away those nice dishes for storage, to be resurrected again for the next party hosting. Reserve the best tableware and flatware for special occasions and special people, so make sure these are in 1 piece until that next time. These wouldn't survive if I used them daily, with boys' usual butterfingers and horsing around. And besides, other moms do that. They keep away their best dinnerware for parties or dinner hostings.

But then, the inner motherfonker piped up - tut, tut, tut... REALITY CHECK!

Who are the best, the most special in your life? Ehmm... my boys.

When are the most special moments of your life? Emmmm.. When I'm eating dinner with the boys, and we talk about school, life, their friends....

Okay, so who deserves to use the best dinnerware? Hehehe, me and my boys.

Exactly, now bring out those special dishes woman, before I swat you some.

Inner me had a good point, so of course, the dishes were left out in the open. These could be chipped or broken sooner or later, but those are just objects anyway. Sometimes we do have to put in perspectives what are really the most important in our lives.

Especially if you have bigger kids, having a nice set of tableware helps make dinner with them more pleasurable.

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