Elections Time! Who who who?

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I don't need rocket science to explain my vote. I'm going simplistic.

I want a level-headed, financially-creative, "regular folk-sy" president this time.

When your family is short of money, what do you do? You find ways to make money. If you're a level-headed mom, you don't go out and ask loans from everybody. You sell stuff, you render services for payment. If you have some spare money, you invest. For those in the PH, do you have any memory of your parents doing something else to earn extra income? I think a lot of us saw our parents do something to add to the family income.

Well people, if the Philippines is a country, we are a poor family. The president is like the parent who has to find ways to generate income.

I don't like that this country-family keeps on going to the neighbors to borrow money. My god.

If a family needs to use credit, fine. As long as the budget allows repayment, why not? PLUS if you're borrowing to generate income, the better. But if you're borrowing and you don't know where the payment will be coming from, you're family's in trouble.

That's what this country-family has been doing for so long. Living waaaay beyond one's means with loans loans loans. And you have foreign-educated, "ultra-smart." "financially savvy kuno" academics that decide all this shit.

I want the next president to be someone who sees ways to make money that us regular folk do not see. These special people see new, legitimate ways to produce money. Some ways are so new it's not declared legal but NOT DECLARED ILLEGAL either. This is why they make the big bucks. Special people like these have the brains and drive to grow money.

We need to grow legitimate money for our family. So, that's that.

Other reasons why I'm voting for a certain guy besides the money-genius and drive. He is a regular guy who likes hanging out with his family.

Oh yeah, he has his 1 controversy. But listen carefully to the arguments of those complaining. Promise, ang labo. The reasons are not reasons, just grandstanding.


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Renz said...

I'm with you here... some may not agree with us but we're voting not them :)