Earth Hour is Not Just About Lights Out

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We've had fun for the last 2 Earth Hours in 2008 and 2009. We go home to my mom's and we all chill at lights out. We played games in 2008 and had music jamming in 2009.

my teen with cousin playing chess

This year, we wouldn't be able to do Earth Hour together due to some stuff we have to attend to near our home on Sunday. So I decided to just have Earth Hour lights-out here.

I know the nitpickers whine on about Earth Hour not making a dent on changing the planet. For me, it is more a reminder-event to love Mama Earth. And this is an especially nice occasion to teach our children to love her.

Niece with the poster outside our house

- -

Early today I reminded Leon about some things on Earth Hour. I hope you'll also share some of the points with your kids.

Please also tell your kids that Earth Hour is not just about saving electricity but also about:

- Remembering to conserve water. But no, skipping taking a bath does NOT count.
- Loving animals. Your pets plus others' pets plus animals as a whole.
- Loving plants
- Loving the soil and everything on it.
- Being conscious of trash, and using stuff only as needed.
- Keeping the house clean. Same as with your community.

I've said this before, but I believe it is only Mama Earth who can fully heal herself. However, if our generation and our kids' and their kids' etc etc love Mama Earth, then we can do little things to help and she can heal herself fully.

And now my favoritestestest Earth Hour 2008 photo:

Ghosty at Earth Hour? Nah, that's my mom. (lmao)


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