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Few weeks ago, 14 yr old was bugging me about a school project. Instead of the boring book report,they were supposed to act out in front of the class a book character. It was a pretty cool assignment. You can't act out if you don't do your book report first. So it's both a book report AND theatrical assignment.

"Who should I do, mom?"

Hmmm.. How about Holden Caulfield?

(Uncomprehending scowl)

Holden Caulfield? From Catcher in the Rye?

(Uncomprehending scowl)

As in THE Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger?

(Bored, and gave me the "I went on to the next universe" look)

"Mom, I want to do someone that my teacher knows."

Heller, if your teacher is a real lit teacher, she'd know Holden Caulfield!

"No, she won't."

Arg! I haven't heard about the project after that.

Tuesday was presentation day. Monday night, these high school students were all aflurry over this project as evidenced by the voluminous IM messages, SMS tone alerts and voice calls hovering in the background. Plus I caught a glimpse from afar of a looong thread in Facebook where the classmates posted who they were to do.

By the simple chit chats I overheard, I realized that the only characters these high school teens mostly knew can be categorized to 2 groups:
Fairy tales homies and dudes in books turned into movies.

As I am/ was a lit-junkie, all I can say is:


Sniff, sniff...


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gamommy2two said...

Ugh. That is indeed a problem. I remember doing a book report in high school on Catcher in the Rye...Thinking I was totally cool and a smarty pants, I did the entire thing on the hooker portion of the book. I got an A :)

Kat said...

Hahaha, that was quite a bad-ass report to do... and you deserve a bad-ass grade! :-)