Ways to Occupy (/Torture) Kids This Summer#1

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Summer is here in the PH islands and kids everywhere are buckling up for the final exams. Summer means it's time for us moms to rack our brains on how to let them while away some of their time productively. Not to mention to also rack our brains on what to feed them while they're here at home for the next 2 months.

After my previous broken heart over kids' lack of literary motivation, I have decided to add some stuff to do here at home over the summer.

- Take up reading to my child again.
- Give their dang gadgets some legitimate productive use with audio books.
- Let my kid read to me.

Read to the big kid again

10 year old has always enjoyed my reading to him. A few weeks back, even if he is quite a grown little man already, he brought down his copy of Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" and asked me to read it to him for old time's sake. I can only happily oblige. I guess there are some stuff from your parents that you never outgrow. In my house, it's me reading to them.

So, because of my concern about their lack or literary ehem motivation, this summer I pledge to read to 10 yr old again. BUT! I'm taking it a little too nerdy to the next level. I have decided to read to him all those nice and bad-ass English short stories written by the luminary Filipino writers in the early 20th century. Those are pretty great, really. And I think he'll be able to get those.

Audio Books

Got this inspiration from a Plurk pal, who uses audio books to occupy himself during long drives. There are lots of free e-books over at the Gutenbergproject.org. I will have to ask (but its actually, ehmm, require) them to complete listening to 1 audio book over several days. Ooh yes, I will ask questions. Sinister idea: why not OD them on audio books UNTIL they beg for the old school hard copy books? hehe... I will think about that.

Let 'em Do the Read- Aloud!

This time around, I should be the one to listen to them read aloud. Maybe short poems. I got this pretty cool book from Binondo "100 Tula na Nakakatuwa" (100 Amusing Poems ) by Julio F. Silverio. Those have mostly fun poems that I think even the most de-motivated reader will get a laugh out of.

Speaking of, I found a gold mine of classic literature books reprints at Merriam Webster in Binondo. Most of the reprints go for below P100 and there are A LOT of titles. So another assignment of mine is to get some and conveniently leave them cluttered around the house, in places where you can't help but reach for a book and read. (Such as the john).

Good thing that over at our other house, grandma's house, where we always go to congregate, my sister prepares for summer by buying the newest bestsellers for kids (last year, it was 39 Clues and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for them) so at least the newer books are covered as well.

It really sucks to have a nerd mom. *Sinister laugh fades off into background...*


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carol at A Second Cup said...

Getting some kids to read or interact with literature is difficult. You have some great suggestions.