Weirdo Dialogue

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This happened last week but didn't get to write it down. These fancy dialogues are a treat for me, so I might as well write these down for posterity. I'm sure we'll all have a laugh or two (or more) someday about these.

Last week, 10 yr old asked for money.
"Mom, cam i have money?"
"Look in my wallet. It's in the white bag"

As I have trained them to never get anything from my wallet, when they ask for money they get me the entire purse or wallet, and I'm the one who fishes the cash.

For someone who didn't like talking much until he was well past 4 yrs old, now this kid can't shut up.

As he looked through my purse, 10 yr old babbled in an automated voice :

"Searching.... searching... Searching complete." He walks towards me. More weirdness "Results found: One." And he hands me my wallet.

I swear, we're all talky-talky-communicative in the family, but I don't know where he gets the idea to go about like this.


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