Mother Knows You Only Too Well, But...

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Let me guess. When you were a kid, you can name at least one mom (either yours or someone you know) who has said "I know you too well, I'm your mother." I'm guessing some of you moms also say that or are proud of yourselves for that.

My mom likes to say that for any of us sibs. It can get quite annoying if said in an unpleasant context.

Well, here's a newsflash - The inverse also holds true. Your child also knows you all too well. And this knowledge can be used in goodwill or otherwise.

- -

A few weeks back, 10 yr old wanted to attend a birthday party on a Sunday. And Sunday is Grandma day. "hmmm..." I told 10 yr old. "If your gran finds out you're attending a birthday party she'll say you are a (hidden comment #1). She'll also say, why did you (hidden comment #2). Do you think you are (hidden comment #3)?"

So that Sunday, we did visit grandma. Early afternoon, 10yr old told gran we were leaving early because he wanted to attend a party. Grandma's reply: "(hidden comment #1). (hidden comment #2). (hidden comment #3)." So we went home early. Even if we left with snide comments in the air, Leon wasn't glum as he usually would react. He was laughing... because everything I quoted was actually said!

- -

Recently, I finally consented for the boys to have a PSP thingy (a reward for their good grades, said the giver). The other day, I asked the boys to please put some cute games in so that I will borrow that thing sometimes. My teen put in something I really liked. A game similar to O2 Jam, where you're supposed to hit the keys simultaneously with the musical notes.

I couldn't help but smile, he knows me only too well...

- -

Yes, we do know our children only too well. But don't forget that our kids have brains and know you only too well back. Let us give our children leeway, because they're accommodating us as well.


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