Product Review: CDO No Pork No Beans

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I wanted to try making chili con carne minus the hassle of puffing up the white beans overnight. So I thought of using the beans in the pork and beans in cans. I was just planning to wash it thoroughly and cook it.

To me all pork and beans brands are the same (plus we don't eat those) so I just got the first can I got hold of. When I opened it, lo and behold!, the can had mostly sauce in it, and when I washed the sauce off, the can contained about a TABLESPOON of beans. About a centimeter high worth of measly beans.

I kid you not.

I'm accustomed to pork and beans without pork, but pork and beans WITHOUT PORK AND WITHOUT BEANS is robbery.

CDO shoulda just come out with a can and labelled it "sweet, rusty red sauce".

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Kate said...

yuck! sweet rusty red sauce :(

Renz said...

ahcck! Noted! Boo CDO!